About Jiahe

Jiahe LogoJiahe International (HK) Ltd, established in 2001, is a professional enterprise specialized in the manufacturing of a complete series of lighting products covering lighting fixtures, Energy saving Lamp, Bulbs, electrical components and all kinds of lights, such as, tunnel light, flood light, high bay light and so on. In Year 1999 Jiahe Known As Huace started its first CFL lamps manufacturing in Guangdong Zhongshan. In the year 2001 the company started manufacturing Lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. i.e. Hanging Lamps, Wall Lamps, Pendant Lamps, Street Lamps & Bay Lights. In 2009 Jiahe entered the LED lighting market and now a force to reckon with offering LED products in the price / quality platform and now become an international brand.


Core values

The company's core values are beliefs rooted in the deepest of our heart. That’s intrinsic motivation of our past progress and shared commitment to future development. It ensures that we unite together as a team to provide effective and tangible service to our customers and realize our vision of enhancing the living standards of people by providing energy efficient and environment friendly lighting solutions.

Customer is first in all our dealings

We put customer first in all our dealings and respond to our customers in the shortest possible time with regard to their needs / demands / requirements. Providing above expected services for customers is how we achieve our self-value. We strongly believe that “Exceeding customer expectations is the co-existence of our company”.


We go the extra mile…

Working harder and going that extra mile is what we do to win the respect and trust of our customers. It has paid dividends to us and we know it will pay dividends to us if we continue to do so.


We carry out self-criticism on all LED Lighting Solutions we offer in order to give our customers a satisfactory solution which evolves over time. It also helps us better tailor our solutions, gain the respect and co-operation of our customers and staff which ultimately leads to growth of Jiahe as a brand.


Being sincere and faithful

We are sincere in all our dealings with our stakeholders. It is a policy in our company that integrity is our most important valuable intangible asset which leads to having delighted customers who trust us.



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